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Money for prosperity and financial security is a defining element of our lives. In 21st century Hungary, almost all of the social problems that are straining us can be traced back to the simple question: how and from what source can the individual and the challenges facing the given community be effectively solved, i.e. how will money be made? How does it become money for social inclusion, how does it become money for the development of businesses, how does it become money to cover an individual's welfare expenses? The line can continue almost indefinitely, and of course it is not indifferent what we really need to pay attention to, what priorities we spend the common wealth on. Who decides and who controls it.

As the founder of the Solution Movement, I believe that you, the voters, have the real, tangible solution. The task of the political actor is only to provide a space for cooperation and a common thinking surface, so that the experience and the knowledge already acquired can be used for the benefit of the community.

I am convinced that the aim of the service can only be to restore faith, to create public social trust in order to create a modern Hungary. For this crucial, trying task, the Solution Movement offers an entirely new, modern, European, fresh thinking, an effective platform, a dynamic political community, fast and effective approaches.

There is no shame in learning from others, I believe that together, with your help, we can build an advanced, modern Hungary that appreciates its achievements, of which their children and grandchildren will be proud! They will be proud that their parents made the right decision at the right time, choosing the necessary solutions! We need sound political decisions, a practical political program instead of ideological battles. We consider digitalisation to be especially important in building an active, balanced Hungary that is proud of its Europeanness. We have to take stock of many things together, stay with us, trust each other, let’s build a modern, lovable country together!


György Gattyán

Founder, The Solution Movement

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